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Why Buy?

Agri-Droid UK Ltd is the importer of a remarkable invention for agriculture, an automatic lightweight field robot that automates sowing and weed removal on farmland. The FarmDroid FD20 offers farmers and growers an innovative way of working under the ever-growing pressures of sustainable farming without the need to sacrifice quality, efficiency and return on investment. An ideal attribute, but not limited to Organic Farming, the FarmDroid FD20 offers a practical and financially savvy alternative to heavily-regulated chemicals and pesticides for weed control. Not only that, but it is an excellent substitute for heavy, labour-intensive machinery. It can work with any seed that is prilled or of an even or round shape, opening opportunities to drill beet, OSR, onions and a multitude of other species with it.

Advantages of the FarmDroid FD20

✔ Does not destroy the soil’s microstructure

The FarmDroid FD20 is extremely lightweight, at only 900kg it ensures that the soil’s microstructure is not damaged, unlike the increasingly bigger machines in agriculture. Minimising this soil damage optimises crop yield, contributing to a higher return on investment, better crop quality and longevity of soil condition.

✔ Carbon Neutral

Four solar panels deliver the charge to two batteries that power the FarmDroid FD20. The solar panels deliver up to 1.6 kWh, equivalent to 20 kWh a day, which ensures that FarmDroid FD20 does not need external charging. The FarmDroid FD20 is therefore 100% CO2-neutral and is a great attribute for sustainable farming.

✔ Flexible operations

With an average sewing speed of 450-
550m/hr, the FarmDroid FD20 works alone whilst the owner can carry out other jobs.  Any deviations from the set parameters are notified through the app and a built-in camera shows how the robot is operating. Together this allows any alterations to be carried out remotely from anywhere.  Obstacles and boundaries are preset and even a rain detector identifies if precipitation becomes too hard.

✔ Precise weeding ensures optimal yield

The FarmDroid FD20 turns on a sixpence allowing precise weeding both between and inside the rows between the crops. This ensures that the crops have optimal growth conditions without having to compete with weeds for nutrition and sunlight. The FarmDroid FD20 uses high-precision GPS technology and does not depend on cameras or sensors for recognizing plants and weeds and this contributes to increased operational stability.

✔ Can start the weeding process before the plants start germinating

Precision during sowing ensures that the robot knows the exact position of every individual seed and therefore it can start the weeding process at a very early stage – even before the crop emerges! This ensures that weeds don't get in front of the growing crop.

✔ Lessened need for manual/chemical weeding

Autonomous weed control helps eliminate or highly reduce the need for tiring and time-consuming manual weeding. It accommodates the ever-growing regulations on sprays and chemical control of crops and is especially beneficial for organic farming. An alternative to labour intensive and spray weed control, the FarmDroid FD20 has had proven  payback periods as low as 2 years.
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